Who We Are

Novanta Sports Performance

Novanta Sports Performance is a company that is built on a commitment to supporting the athletes’ journey towards athletic excellence by adopting a systems based approach.

Our team is comprised of a group of professional coaches whose goal is to have a positive impact in athletic development for betterment in sport, and life.

The Long-Term Athletic Development and Youth Physical Development models are frameworks that focus on the developing athlete. Fundamental to our program design and implementation is the development of Physical Literacy – features, patterns, skills, variability – and Fitness – strength, speed, power, aerobic capacity – within these development models.

Our holistic approach to physical preparedness allow us to design, and implement, programs that will enhance athleticism relevant to the growth and maturation phase, and training age of the athlete. Through education, exercise interventions, and coaching expertise, we provide solutions that will enhance athletic potential, improve sport performance and reduce injury within a competitive environment.


Professionals committed to improving athletic performance through evidence-based exercise interventions designed to enhance athletic potential, maximize on-field performance and minimize injury.


Our training philosophy centers on the development of the athlete. Focusing on quality of movement to support the variability of movement in a variety of different settings allows the individual to express athletic characteristics with more confidence and physical competence. Our purpose is to increase athletic awareness by providing athletes with more movement-based strategies to increase their physical capacity to meet the demands of their sport and life.


Fundamental to athletic success is the knowledge and understanding of the Foundations for Success. These key factors provide critical support to all elements of the training spectrum for the development of the complete athlete. Good habits establish great champions!