Mark Anthony Kaye

Mark Anthony Kaye

Los Angeles Football Club
Canadian Men’s National Team

I met Derek in a time of need. Where I was looking to improve and change my personal offseason workout plans, because I believed that there was a direct correlation with my performance in the upcoming season. Derek took the time out of his already busy schedule to sit down with me and formulate a plan that we both agreed on that would maximize my physical abilities and on field performance. He made it very easy for me to understand why I was doing these exercises and training regiments. That trust allowed me to fully focus on my will power to push myself every day, to become a better athlete. Even when my season started and I had to head back to Louisville, Derek provided me with the necessary equipment so that we could continue to work together, and he could monitor my workload and give me extra work that was needed based upon the numbers. I had my own personal fitness and strength coach and it was such a great feeling to know he had my back, even though we were in different countries. The year ended up going very well, first was the call-up to the Men’s National Team, then the Gold Cup, followed by a transfer to LAFC that offseason, which was the goal I had laid out to him, and he vowed to help me get there. Overall my time with Derek was so amazing that it hasn’t ended, we still our great friends and he’s someone I will always listen to because he’s so passionate, knowledgeable and educated on his work that it’s contagious and pushes you to be a better you in whatever you’re doing. If you really want to get things done and you are willing to work hard and sometimes be uncomfortable then Derek is the guy to get you where you need to go. As of today, I will never forget that offseason in 2017 that set me up to be the player I am in today.

Kamal Miller

Orlando City FC
Canadian Men’s National Team

Derek has played a significant role in my development as a soccer player. On the field, in the gym, and nutrition. Derek’s attention to detail, experience, and passion in helping others on their path to success is what makes him and his work. I’ve worked with a lot of people on my journey through college, youth national teams, professional level, and men’s national team. What separates Derek from most is his intelligence and ability to personally connect with everyone he works with! It seems like every question I ask he has an answer to! Derek does a great job of going beyond the required work to ensure his athletes are in the best possible position to succeed. During my first off season as a professional I faced a few tragic events that hindered my training. Derek went out of his way to ensure I would return to myself again by creating a plan that got me ready for the 2020 Canadian Men’s National Team January camp!

Kamal Miller
Sergio Camargo

Sergio Camargo

Cavalry FC

I was fortunate to begin training with Derek during a very important phase of my career. At a stage (age 17) where the game gets exponentially more intense, quick, and aggressive, Derek emphasized the importance of efficiency, power, and overall maintenance. From gym work to on-field sessions, the professionalism Derek brought each and every day was a perfect introduction to how life as a professional soccer player would be for me.

Nate Ingham

York9 Football Club

In my career, I have come across Derek Salvador twice; once with KW United FC and more recently with York 9 FC. In both situations he was tasked with being the Strength and Conditioning coach who had to closely navigate a group of athletes through a very condensed season. Something he did very successfully.

His knowledge about the human anatomy as it relates to sport is over-whelming. It’s obvious from the first time you ask him a question. Whether the question was related to strength, flexibility, mobility, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation or anything else, he would have the answer for you. Along with the answer, he would rhyme off a group of exercises that would help, show you how to do them while explaining why you’re doing them and finally explain how it will progress as you move forward. The only things that would surpass his knowledge was his attention to detail and his patience for his athletes.

When it comes to working with Derek, you will get exactly what you put in. He will always have time for you, and only wants to see the athletes he has succeed. If you have big goals and a good work ethic, then there’s no question he is the right coach for you.

Nate Ingham
Ken Krolicki

Ken Krolicki

Montreal Impact
Portland Timbers

When I met Derek I was 18, struggling with the way I was doing my preparation and workout because most of my life, I was taught to lift more weight. More was better. He helped me by focusing on form and proper mechanics instead of the weight. Preparation is arguably the most important part of professional soccer and he was the one who taught me that. I’ve been lucky to work with a number of trainers but what makes Derek stand out is his attention to detail and his passion. If you have the chance to work with Derek, you should take it. He will take your game to the next level just like he did for me.

Chris Pozniak

Toronto FC II – Assistant Coach
Former MLS and Canadian International

Derek was an integral part of KW United FC and our success in the 2015 season. Derek prepared our team for training and matches as well as coordinated and coached the players on their individual strength, fitness, flexibility and rehabilitation goals as needed. In our championship winning season we were able to have a great percentage of players available and fit for all training sessions and matches, facilitating competition and therefore improvement within the squad. Derek’s diligence in preparing the players for a grueling schedule was crucial in having so many players available for selection. Equally importantly, Derek delivered his work in an enjoyable, engaging manner that aided in establishing team spirit and inspired a lot of our young players to take better care of themselves as athletes. We are fortunate to have Derek as a part of our coaching staff and club.

Chris Pozniak
Mario Halipir

Mario Halapir

Head Coach – Wilfried Laurier University Men’s Soccer
Elite Athletes International

It is with great pleasure, that I am able to share my experience with Derek as a Professional in his field of Performance Training.  I started as a player, and now I continue to be involved in the sport of soccer as a coach and technical director of players at Club, Varsity and Professional levels of play.  I have had the pleasure of working with Derek directly through KW United formerly of the USL-PDL. The first time I met Derek and watched him prepare the players for training, I knew right there and then that he is an individual of the highest standard.  As I got to know Derek both on and off the field, it was evident that this Club and its players were very fortunate to have him as part of the staff.

The first characteristic that struck me about Derek was his meticulous preparation for every single one of his responsibilities.  He was always organized, the first one to show up at training, the first one to have his session organized.  Secondly, Derek gave 100% at every session, always showed great pride in his work.  He was a great role model for these athletes and led by example by doing his best every single time he was on the training ground or in the gym. His knowledge for his trade shines brightly, but equally impressive was how much he cared for each and every player he worked with.

Lastly, Derek is a great human being and it was a true privilege to be around him both on and off the field.

John Policelli & Rosie Policelli

Woodbridge Soccer Club

Soccer is a sport that is a continuation of growth and knowledge which allows players to grow as individuals and with their team. With the help of Derek we were both able to enhance our growth as players on and off the field, as well as continuing to learn multiple skills which made us both confident enough to keep achieving all our goals. Positivity and encouragement are two of the many amazing qualities that Derek has as a trainer which pushes his clients to maintain a positive and strong mindset throughout the process of our growth. We thank him for all his support and for encouraging us to never give up on achieving our goals.

JohnRosie Policelli
Alan Gould

Alan Gould

Head Coach – Oakville Soccer Club

Derek from Novanta Sports Performance was involved with my U15 Boys team. I had requested that he provide the team with a pre-season Strength and Conditioning Program as the previous season many players had suffered with muscle injuries. The program was not compulsory for the players, so I was not only interested in the results but also in the attendance of my squad. Bottom line- Novanta Sports Performance got results! Player attendance was extremely good. Derek engaged the players in an enjoyable program that they bought into straight away. This translated to a much fitter, much healthier squad- muscle injuries dropped significantly, and the team was always fitter than their opponents in the vital last 15 minutes of every game. Derek is not only a great S&C coach, but a great role model too! I would recommend Athletic Solutions Inc to any youth sports team looking for quantifiable results in S&C.

Josh Moreira

TFC Academy – Jacksonville University

Derek has helped shape me into the player that I am today. His knowledge of sport performance has allowed me to elevate my game and get me to the level that I am at today. When I came to Derek in 2019 after spending 7 years with Toronto FC, my goal was to improve my physical performance on the field in preparation for my move to Jacksonville University. He was able to not only guide me in the right direction but show me why the things I was doing were going to help me. Even when I left for school, Derek kept in touch and was willing to continue helping me. His dedication to his athletes is what separates Derek from the rest. His attention to detail in sport performance is second-to-none and if you are looking for a coach that is going to help you maximize your performance and allow you to get the best out of yourself, Derek is the guy to go to. I am incredibly thankful for what coach Derek has done and continues to do for me.

Josh Moreira Headshot
Karl Espiro Headshot

Karl Espiro

Oakville Soccer Club – OPDL

Ever since I started working with Coach Derek I have felt drastic changes physically, mentally and the way I view the different aspects of soccer. Even through COVID-19 and quarantine at home, I have always been able to stay in shape and be as strong as I have ever been. I can also see that my performances in soccer have been greatly improved since starting my fitness and athletic program with Coach Derek. I am always pushed to my limits and even when I think I can’t do anymore work, I end up doing it. I 100% recommend The Novanta Sports Program to anybody that is looking to take their athletic ability to the next level. This is a program that every athlete should look to be a part of!

Kevin Espiro

Woodbridge Soccer Club – League 1
Waterloo Warriors Soccer

I am very glad I started working with Coach Derek! Since training with him, I have experienced the change physically and mentally. He has pushed me to become a better athlete through his detailed programs, while pushing me to challenge my limits. I greatly recommend Novanta Sports Performance as I think it is the next level training a successful athlete needs!

Kevin Espiro Headshot

Ashlyn & Maddy Zingone

My experience with Derek began at the Oakville Soccer Club where he was my team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach. Derek showed my team many ways to become better and stronger through specific training. I have also had the opportunity to work with Derek personally after I injured myself leaving me unable to play the sport that I love. During my return to play training I was challenged and pushed to work hard in order to get back to the sport that gives me happiness. Not only is he a great trainer who pushes you to your limits, he is a friend, supporting you to stay positive and motivated.

Given my sister Ashlyn’s experience and wanting to become stronger, avoid injury and learn to train safely I began to work with Derek as well. Derek’s encouragement and positivity inspires me to work hard in every session. His combined passion and knowledge are extremely evident and has helped me to better understand how to structure a workout in order to achieve my goals.

We are extremely grateful for Derek’s commitment and continuous support.

Nick Dunn

Winstars Soccer Academy

Since I started fitness training with Novanta Sports Performance in January, the first thing I noticed about the training sessions was that they were very organized and very professional. When developing yourself as a player, it is always a good sign to know that you are in a professional environment. I have had the opportunity to do both online and in person training sessions. The online sessions have really helped me through the lockdown, keeping the physical – stamina side of my game in shape. The online training platform is very professional, with runs and strength training sessions designed and monitored by Derek. Without these online training sessions, I would have not been able to attend my combine or return to training with my team in good physical shape. The 1 on 1 in person weight training program has been very beneficial for me. As a defender, I feel strength is important and I find weight training to be extremely beneficial. Learning how to lift with good form with light and heavy weights is very important and this is something Derek teacher’s you about.

Nick Dunn Headshot
Aedan Currah Headshot

Aedan Currah

Oakville Soccer Club

I first met Derek in 2019 while I was with the Oakville Soccer Club. Our interactions were limited until about August 2020 when I reached out to Derek in hopes of improving my athleticism. He responded with some training options, and we discussed what would be most suitable for me.

While working in person and while communicating over the internet, Derek is extremely positive, his do-anything attitude is infectious, and his patience is unrivaled. He is exceptional at identifying points of improvement and prescribing exactly what needs to be done in order to correct them. He is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to explain nearly anything related to how the body is supposed to perform.

Most of the work that I have done with Derek has been built around power and explosiveness, stability, and strength. The difference between when I started working with him and now is night and day. The key to this is his focus on the foundations of an exercise, making sure that you understand the movement and the targets, then substituting different exercises to challenge your body’s ability as you become more comfortable with it. Training with Derek is exceptional, as long as you are willing to put the time in, Derek will match it and push you to be as successful as possible.