Soccer is an aerobic based sport that consists of frequent high intensity bouts of speed and power. During a 90-minute match, elite-level players run about 10-12km at an average intensity close to their anaerobic threshold (80–90% of maximal heart rate). Within this endurance context, numerous explosive actions are required, including sprinting, cutting, changing pace, jumping, kicking, throwing, tackling, and sustaining forceful collisions to maintain balance and control of the ball against defensive pressure. Combining physical demands with technical ability and tactical awareness, both on and off the ball, the sport of soccer is rather unique.

At Novanta Sports Performance, we have developed a comprehensive, research-based sports science program created to physically and mentally prepare the athlete for the demands of the game. With the complete player approach in mind, the program is specifically designed to provide the athlete with the necessary tools to compete in the sport at the highest level.


Physiological testing will be performed and evaluated to create athlete profiles. Data compiled will be used to design customized individual & team performance enhancement programs. Our testing criteria is divided into the following three categories:


Anthropometric measures will be collected to monitor growth, development and the onset of Peak Height Velocity (PHV). PHV is the period of time in which an adolescent experiences their fastest upward growth in their stature – i.e. their growth spurt. Information collected from the maturity offset allows us to adjust training volumes and intensities, thus improving best practice to protect the athlete’s health and wellbeing.

Movement Analysis

Created by our partners at Performance Redefined, players will complete a movement analysis using the Mobility Screen and Physical Literacy Screen. This information is used to assess the athlete’s movement quality and behaviours. Insight gathered into an athlete’s movement characteristics can assist in improving performance while reducing injury.

Performance Metrics

Fitness characteristics including muscular strength, power development, speed, agility, and aerobic capacity will be evaluated and monitored. Powered by Force Decks – Vald Performance, Brower Timing Systems and Polar Heart Rate technologies, we ensure that our athlete testing and monitoring protocols are both accurate and reliable. Tracking our athlete’s progress provides us with the necessary information to create customized programs that cater to the specific needs of the individual.