At Novanta Sports Performance, our training philosophy focuses on athletic development within the Long-Term Athletic Development and Youth Physical Development models. Emphasis will be placed on the 7 Key Features, Fundamental Movement Patterns, Fundamental Movement Skills and Sport Specific Skills to develop Physical Literacy. The athlete will increase their fitness by training at different frequencies, different intensities and for various durations.

Our Training Philosophy consists of the following key elements:

Movement Prep
Soft tissue therapies & mobility exercises are used to improve the range of motion of the ankles, hips and shoulders. This will prepare the athlete for the demands of the training session and will lead to improved movement qualities.

The Dynamic Warm Up places emphasis on muscle activation & proprioceptive awareness. The goal is to increase core temperature, joint mobility and muscle pliability. The DWU consists of a general warm up, static & dynamic stretches, plyometrics & nervous system activation. This will reinforce the athletes’ movement awareness and prepare them for movement patterns and skills.

Linear and Multidirectional Movement Skill
Focus is on technique & application to allow athletes to become more powerful & efficient on the field. Training sessions will incorporate linear & multidirectional movement activities. Improving an athlete’s running mechanics will have a significant effect on their performance as well as reducing injury. Athletes will become quicker, faster and more explosive.

Strength Development
Sports are movement based. Strength Development training will train strength in order to support movement. Athletes will learn to apply the Fundamental Key Features of movement to Fundamental Movement Patterns and Skills using various modalities while training at different frequencies, intensities and durations specific to their abilities and sport.

Movement awareness without sufficient fitness will place limitations on the development of Physical Literacy. Energy System Development is designed to train aerobic & anaerobic capacities with the intent on meeting the athlete’s physical needs & sporting demands.

Optimal recovery habits are essential for the developing athlete. It is imperative that the athlete minimizes physical and mental breakdown to remain in peak condition for future training sessions and competitions. Athletes will focus on mobility & flexibility, soft tissue therapies, nutrition, hydration & sleep.