Advanced Player Development

Online Training Program

The Novanta Sports Performance Online High-Performance Soccer Fitness Program will provide athletes with a customizable comprehensive strength and conditioning program focused on improving athletic qualities, while mitigating the risk of injury all in the comfort of their own home. Our goal is to maximize on field performance while supporting long-term athletic development.

All programs are tailored to educate and empower athletes with the necessary skills to improve their overall athleticism and soccer performance. It is through years of experience that we are able to create a program that blends together the art and science of athletic performance. Moreover, our program components are based on scientific literature and research within exercise science for proven results!

The Online Program is a 10-week program
that consist of following 3 phases:


This training phase will focus on refining movement quality and increasing work capacity in preparation for more intense training demands


Progressing from the previous training phase, we increase the intensity of the training interventions to further challenge the athlete’s movement capabilities


We maximize the work from the previous phases to ensure you are physically prepared to hit the ground running. Following this training phase, athletes will feel better, move better, and excel on the pitch

All training phases will include sessions that focus on the following:


  • Myofascial Release
  • Static Stretching
  • Dynamic Elasticity

Movement Prep

  • Passive & Active Mobility Exercise interventions to enhance movement quality


  • Fundamental Running & Sprint Mechanics
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Dynamics
  • Multidirectional Movement


  • Plyometrics – Linear & Lateral Explosiveness


  • Functional Multi-Joint Movements focusing on areas of importance for soccer athletes

Energy Systems

  • Soccer Specific Conditioning – Match Fitness

Training programs will be delivered directly to the athlete’s mobile device using the Bridge Athletic and Polar Beat training apps. Athletes will have the ability to follow their program and track their progress over time. All exercises are linked to videos with instructions – athletes will have a better understanding on how to properly execute the various exercises with no guess work involved.